R' Dovid Goldwasser - A Broken Heart (Prayer)

R' Duvi Bensoussan - Pray For Others (Prayer)

Daniel Agalar - From The Depths (Prayer)

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Daniel Agalar - The Tenth Man (Prayer)

Daniel Agalar - Tip The Scale (Prayer)

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R' David Shelby - From The Heart (Prayer)

R' Duvi Bensoussan - Hashem's Home (Prayer)

R' Duvi Bensoussan - Power of Silence (Prayer)

R' Moshe Meir Weiss - An Answered Cry (Prayer)

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R' Nachman Seltzer - Power Of Praying With A Minyan (Prayer)

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R' Avi Wiesenfeld - The Secret To A Healthy Life (Prayer)

R' Avi Wiesenfeld - The Most Powerful Word (Prayer)

R' David Ashear - A New Creation (Prayer - Rosh Hashana)

R' Fischel Schachter - Small Actions - Big Results (Prayer)

R' Avi Wiesenfeld - Strength in Numbers
(Prayer - Rosh Hashana)

R' Mordechai Finkelman - The Incredible Power Of Tefila (Prayer)

R' David Ashear - Every Tefila Makes A Difference (Prayer)

R' Gavriel Friedman - The Wrong Calendar(Prayer)

R' Gavriel Friedman - Don't Stop (Prayer)

R' Gavriel Friedman - An Answer To Every Prayer (Prayer)

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R' Binyomin Pruzansky - Nothing Is Impossible (Prayer)

R' Fischel Schachter - Every Prayer Is Unique (Prayer)

R' Dovid Goldwasser - The Power Of Sincere Prayers

R' Paysach Krohn - The Ultimate Protection (Prayer)

R' David Shelby - Salvation Through Tefila (Prayer)

R' Binyomin Pruzansky - Tefilah Opens Locked Doors (Prayer)

R' Duvi Bensoussan - When All Hope Is Lost (Prayer)

R' Binyomin Pruzansky - The Power Of Sincere Prayer (Prayer)

R' Ephraim Shapiro - A Life Saver (Prayer)

R' Avi Wiesenfeld - A Sincere Heart (Prayer)

R' Avi Wiesenfeld - Never Too Far To Have A Connection (Prayer)

R' David Ashear - Your Prayers Are Being Answered (Prayer)

R' Zecharia Wallerstein - Your Most Important Meeting (Prayer)

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R' Fischel Schachter - Did You Ask For Help ? (Prayer)

R' Fischel Schachter - The Tears Of Previous Generations (Prayer)

R' Zecharia Wallerstein - A Personal Favor
(Prayer - Kiddush Hashem)

R' David Ashear - A Heartfelt Plea (Prayer)

R' Fischel Schachter -Tears Are Never Lost (Prayer)

R' David Ashear - A Double Salvation (Prayer - Chessed)

R' David Ashear - The Universal Solution (Prayer)

R' Fischel Schachter - A Reason For The Delay
(Prayer - Divine Providence)

R' David Shelby - The Power of Amen (Prayer)

R' Zecharia Wallerstein - The Tefila Of A Broken Person (Prayer)

R' Binyomin Pruzansky - The Universal Solution (Prayer)

R' Binyomin Pruzansky - Call Out To Hashem
(Prayer - Pesach)

R' Daniel Glatstein - A Blessing For Good Health (Prayer)

R' Ephraim Shapiro - The Power Of Davening
For Each Other (Prayer)

R' Moshe Bryski - The Deal of A Lifetime (Prayer)

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R' Moshe Bamberger - The Power of Tears (Prayer)

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R' Binyomin Pruzansky - Never Lose Hope (Prayer)

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Power To Change The Decree - R' David Ozeri (Prayer)

When All Hope Is Lost - R' Duvi Bensoussan (Prayer)

Hope Is Never Lost - R' Paysach Krohn (Prayer)

You Made My Life - R' Paysach Krohn (Prayer - Chessed)

A Good Friend - R' YY Jacobson (Marriage - Prayer)

A Child's Sincere Prayer - R' Moshe Bamberger (Prayer - Emunah)

Protected From Harm - R' Duvi Bensoussan (Prayer - Divine Providence) Posted 1 month ago

Our Only True Certainty - R' Duvi Bensoussan (Prayer - Divine Providence)

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Yes Hashem Can - R' Shlomo Farhi (Prayer)

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