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Flashes of Inspiration - A unique book that instantly inspires and motivates. The perfect gift for any occasion!

Motivational Jewish Quotes That Touch The Soul Hardcover – 2019

” The Navi Amos says (8:11) “The days are coming when Hashem will send a hunger into the land, not a hunger for bread nor a thirst for water, only to hear the words of Hashem” …. those days have arrived. The Maharal comments that our generation desperately craves hisorrerus – inspiration and encouragement. To this end, R’ Daniel Agalar, an outstanding mashpia, has put his considerable talents and kochos into compiling Flashes of Inspiration. Each page contains an inspirational thought, strikingly enhanced by beautiful imagery. It is a book to be cherished in every Jewish home as a source of strength and fortitude.” I wish the author much hatzlacha in this endeavor and in all of his efforts on behalf of the klal. May he be zoche to be counted among the matzdikei harabim shetzidkasam omedes la’ad. “

– Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser

I absolutely loved it!!! My wife and I were reading it. The design, layout, art work, and feel were so inspiring. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and passion, G-d bless you.”

– Rabbi YY Jacobson

“I was very inspired by the book Flashes of Inspiration. Each page is not only visually engaging but spiritually uplifting.”

– Charlie Harary

“I read through the book Flashes of Inspiration. It is a book that will help you get closer to Hashem. Every page is another relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu. I advise everyone to buy this book and to read this book. Read it to your kids and read it with your spouse. It’s the ultimate relationship with Hashem and it’s absolutely amazing.”

– Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein

” R’ Daniel Agalar has compiled a beautiful collection of quotes that remind us of how Hashem is ever-present in our lives. Each quote is a nugget of truth and encouragement that will uplift your day.”

– Rabbi Yoel Gold 

“Flashes of Inspiration is an entire book filled with mic drop moments. Each page has gold….each page is so powerful. The author has done a fantastic job. I would definitely push that this be on your shelf… I would highly recommend it. It is a beautiful book. Honestly, this is one of those books you are going to go back to a bunch of times just to get flashes of inspiration”

– Rabbi Ari Bensoussan

“I highly recommend the book Flashes of Inspiration. You don’t really want to miss it!” 

Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi

“I was overjoyed to receive the book ‘Flashes of Inspiration” written and compiled by Daniel Agalar. with beautiful quotes and messages of inspiration, coupled with stunning graphics, this Seder is an absolute gem. In these days when cynicism and numbness are the order of the day, to be inspired and refocused about life’s meaning is a valuable treasure. I absolutely recommend this book and supporting its author disseminate it’s message to our brothers and sisters. With blessings of tremendous success!”

– Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

“Flashes of Inspiration contains quotes that truly touch the soul. If you are looking for good one liners and pick me up quotes, I recommend everyone take a look at it and enjoy it”

– Rabbi Gavriel (Rav Gav) Friedman


Flashes of Inspiration is a hardcover motivational book that provides quotes and words of wisdom on beautiful high definition inspiring nature backgrounds. The 136 pages in this book have the power to motivate us even during our most challenging times of hardship and self doubt. A perfect coffee table style book that can be gifted for any occasion.